Ventnor Spiritualist Church


Spiritualism is an legally registered religion. It is a philosophy, a religion, a science and a way of life. Spiritualism gives life a spiritual context instead of a materialistic one.  We have no dogmas or fixed creed,  we are a open, free thinking religion with a very rich philosophy.     Spiritualist live their lives by putting into practice  our Seven Principles.  These were adopted by the Spiritualist National Union as a simple basis for its religion or 'way of life' and are at the heart of the Spiritualist movement. 

The Principles are not binding. They are there to enhance life and provide a foundation for individual life experiences, to give a person a deeper understanding of themselves, and as a result, standards can be raised in keeping with increasing knowledge.

Whatever Spiritualism may come to mean or to be defined as by any individual, it is fundamentally a journey of unfolding one's own spirituality and its aim is to bring about a transformation of the individual's spiritual qualities, morals and ethics for the betterment of Self and to the benefit of all in this life. 

Spiritualists have no creed but unite in affirming the following principles:

1 The Fatherhood of God

2 The Brotherhood of Man

3 The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels

4 The Continuous Existence of the Human Soul

5 Personal Responsibility

6 Compensation and Retribution for all good and evil deeds done on earth

7 Eternal Progression open to every Human Soul 



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