Ventnor Spiritualist Church


Ventnor has a wonderful group of Trained and dedicated Healers, who dedicate their time to giving and sending healing to all those who are in need of Healing.

What is Spiritual Healing? 


Spiritual Healing is complementary to orthodox medicine; it must not be considered as an alternative. When you are unwell, you need to get assistance from the doctor. If you receive Spiritual Healing, this will complement your treatment, the two will work together to assist in your recovery.


When we mention Healing of any sort, many people think immediately of making a person well due to a physical problem. This is true in part, but it is not the whole picture.


When we mention “Spiritual”, many people immediately think of religion. With Spiritual Healing, this is not so. The Spiritual nature of mankind is all of those parts that are non – physical such as mind, emotions and the “life force”. Spiritual Healing can be administered to a person of any religious denomination or none at all.

Religion and Faith take no part in a Spiritual Healing session and will not be discussed with you.

Don't be afraid to ask a question, the Spiritual Healer will gladly answer any worries, questions or concerns you have on Healing.


When Spiritual Healing is administered, it can assist a person on a physical, spiritual ,emotional or mental level of self, thus treating the whole person.

Spiritual Healing is a use of forces and energies from the world of spirit, channelled through the healer by the laying-on of hands on or near the body, or prayer or the direction of thought from a distance.


No faith is required,  Spiritual Healing can be given to everyone, including babies, children and animals. Nothing is expected from the patient, except perhaps openness to what may happen, and a degree of trust in the Healer.

An acceptance for the need for change, a positive mind and the will to do so will also help.

It may surprise you to know that the patient has a great influence on the level of recovery because it is the patient’s positive attitude in wanting to feel well again that works with both medical treatment and Spiritual Healing.


The Healer, with your permission, will place their hands on your shoulders, this is “contact healing”, or may work with their hands close to you but not touching, this is “near to the body healing”. Both work equally well, but each Healer has their own way of working. Healers  work to a Code of Conduct issued by their organisation to which they must adhere – it is compulsory.


The duration of the healing session varies from person to person, and is usually between ten and twenty minutes. During the healing session, you will be asked to relax and quieten your mind; you may close your eyes and listen to the relaxing gentle music being played, or how ever you feel most relaxed and comfortable.

Some times with the Healing you may feel a little warmer, a little cooler, a tingling sensation, or nothing at all, this is normal – just relax and enjoy the session.


 Healing is available at Ventnor every  Tuesday 4.40-6pm & Thursday between 12 - 2PM, no appointment necessary.

If you can't get to us for Healing then please do contact us, as  we can offer you Absent Healing, which still works the same, and we can enter your name in our Healing Book , so continual healing can be sent.