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Ventnor Spiritualist Church

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On this page we extend our welcome to you and in a few short words try to outline what our values are as a church.

Our pioneers had a passion for the work of the Spirit and the presentation of their church carried them through the rigours of war and difficulties that few churches suffer in the present time. We who are priviledged to carry on their work today find their ethos highly inspirational and we follow their example by constantly striving to improve what we present in our church as representing the truth that is Spiritualism. We look after our beautiful building for this is the 'body' of the church and we try to present Speakers and Mediums we can be proud of who best express the wonderful truth 'There is no Death'. The words of our founding President Mr. Jermy are still very true today. At the Annual General Meeting in 1946 he says: "Ventnor is the birthplace of Spiritualism on the island - fully alive and most go ahead, one awake to the needs of the moment". This is still our motto today.

Mr. Jermy was the father of the late Heather Hatton and her life certainly carried on the work of her parents.

It takes time to build a good church, therefore Ventnor Church is never 'finished' it is always a 'work in progress'. In the words of Kahlil Gibran - "Work is love made visible".

So enjoy looking at our website, see what we offer in our Services, groups, circles and special events and if you feel attracted to us please come and visit. You will be greeted with love and enthusiasm as someone who shares a similar quest for truth.


Sonia Bewick